Harness the natural energy of the sun

Use the sun to your advantage with our Automate™ Solar Panel V2. When paired with our solar panel, Wirefree Li-ion motors remain powered by harnessing the natural energy of the sun. The Solar Panel V2 uses industry-leading, crystal technology to maximize sun ray absorption in a wide range of locations and orientations. Renewable power means motors stay running for longer, without the need for regular charging. Efficiently keep spaces warm, or cool with this environmentally friendly upgrade to battery-operated shades.

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Slimline design meets supreme low light performance

  • Renewable power
  • Plug ‘n’ perform power for wirefree motors
  • Multiple mounting points
  • Optimal performance in low light circumstances
  • Crystal technology to increase solar ray absorption
Solar Panel

Technical Specifications

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Solar Panel V2
Imax (Round Connector) 220 mA
Imax (USB Connector) 300 mA
IP Rating IP40
Max Output Power 2.73 W
Vmax (Round Connector) 12.6 V
Vmax (USB Connector) 5 V


Powers up to 18 DC motors

Higher 15V output allows for greater cable lengths from motor to power panel, freeing up routing options within an installation. Removes the need for multiple individual power adaptors for each DC motor in an installation, combining each power source into a single location. Channels may also be wired in parallel to provide additional power to larger motors.

  • Capacity for up to 18 ARC DC motors (18mm, 25mm, and 28mm motors)
  • Ability to parallel connect motor supplies for higher current motors (35mm
    and 45mm motors)
  • LED status indication for checking whether power is being applied to panel
  • LED status indication for each individual motor supply
DC Dist Panel

Technical Specifications

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DC Power Distribution Panel
Ingress Protection IP40
Input Voltage Range 85-125 VAC (US) / 85-245 VAC (AUS)
Maximum Output Current (all 18 channels) 24 A
Output Voltage Range 15 VDC
Power Output Rating 360 W
Single Channel Absolute Maximum Current Output 1.33 A


Continuous power

Enables Automate DC motors to operate wirelessly and without the constraints of traditional battery wands with disposable batteries.

  • Replaces battery wand with replaceable batteries
  • Provides up to 500 up/down cycles on a single charge (depends on shade size & fabric weight)
  • Compatible with Automate Cord Lift, Venetian Tilt, 18, 25 & 28mm tubular DC motors
  • Small profile allows for optimal placement in window pocket
  • Battery pack fully recharges in ~ 6 hours
  • Battery health status reported in Automate Pulse App
  • Pairs with optional solar panel for autonomous re-charging
Battery Pack

Technical Specifications

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Rechargeable Battery Pack
Battery Size/Type 1-1/4” x 1-1/4” x 10” / Lithium-ion Rechargeable
Input Voltage Range 12.6V
Insulation Class III
Output Voltage Range 12.0V
Temp Working Range 32F - 140F

automate repeater

Power to increase the range

If you have an instance whereby not all motors are responding or responding intermittently, the ARC repeater will double the range you currently get.

  • Increases the range up to 40m/131f
  • perfect for double story home or multi level buildings
  • Easy to use Plug & Play
  • No pairing or configuration
  • Maximum 2 Repeaters per system / network
  • Bi-directional (receives motor feedback)

Technical Specifications

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ARC Repeater
Color/Colour White
Indicator Blue LED
IP Rating IP45
Storage Temperature 14 ~ 149 °F (-10 ~ 65 °C)
Weight 0.01 kg / 0.022 lbs
Working Humidity < 80%
Working Temperature 23 ~ 122 °F (-5 ~ 50 °C )


Your smart interface

Our AUTOMATE ARC Relay Module acts as an interface between smart systems & Automate ARC motors. Offering wireless control and features up, down & stop contact inputs.

  • Interface between third party smart home systems and ARC motors
  • Three contact inputs – Up, Down & Stop
  • Wireless control of ARC motors
  • Roller mode and Step mode for Venetian motors
  • Group Motor Control
  • 12V or 24V power source compatible

Technical Specifications

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ARC Relay Module
Radio Frequency 433.92 MHz
Temp Working Range -10°C ~ 50°C
Transmission Distance Up to 200m (open space)
Transmitting Power 10 milliwatt
Voltage 16V ~ 26V

DC Motor Power Supply

  • 100W switch mode power supply
  • Laptop type power supply
  • Includes US plug
DC Power_US

Li-ion 12V Charger

Easy and convenient self-charge device.

  • Charges original Li-ion 12V Motor range
  • Requires 6 hours initial charge time
  • 1.2m cord
  • Built-in battery charge indicator

Extension cables 12V

  • Used with Li-Ion 12V motors
  • Comes in three convenient sizes; 155mm, 1.2m & 2.4m
  • Extension cords provide additional length for the charge cable to reach power points.
12V Charger

usb wall Charger

Power supply made versatile

  • USB port can face Up or Down as needed.
  • Right angle feature allows Repeater to sit parallel to wall.
  • 2 AMP power supply is versatile.

Technical Specifications

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USB Wall Charger 5V
Certifications FCC & UL
Color/Colour White
Energy Efficiency VI
Input Voltage Range 100-240VAC ~ 50/60 Hz
Maximum Input Current 0.4A
Maximum Output Voltage 2.0A
Output Voltage Range 5VDC

Power Supply for DCRF Motors 18/25mm (No Battery)

Compact Design

  • The compact design offers better efficiency and creates less inherent heat.
  • Slim design allows for multiple appliances to use the same dual power socket.

Battery Tube for DCRF Motors 18/25mm (No Battery)

Improved consistency in power delivery continuity

  • The cap has been designed to encompass a longer compression spring, thus ensuring the batteries are firmly held against contacts.
  • This product has a coarser thread ensuring that cross threading will not occur.
  • The connection cap on the power wire end is not removable, improving consistency in power delivery continuity.

DC Motor Cable extenders

  • Available in 6″ (155mm), 48″ (1220mm), and 96″ (2440mm)

Power Supply DCRF Motor 28/35/45 (No Battery)

Compact Design

  • The compact design offers better efficiency and creates less inherent heat.
  • Slim design allows for multiple appliances to use the same dual power socket.

Connection Harness for DCRF Motors

Terminates Field Wiring

  • Terminates Field wiring for wired DCRF Installations.
  • Screw terminals accept wire gauge from 16 to 22 gauge.
  • Allows larger gauge wires to be used for wired connections over greater distances.
  • JST connector plugs into all Automate DCRF Motors.

AC Power Cord Adapter

  • 1.8M/6FT 3 PIN US PLUG

Solar Panel Y Cable

Increase solar charging capacity

  • Allows chargers to be plugged into motors connected to solar panels without having to unplug the solar panel.
  • Allows multiple solar panels to be plugged in to increase solar charging capacity of larger motors & shades.
  • Compatible with the existing plug in extension cables.

Acc Y Cable – 1 Solar Panel 2 Motors

Efficient Charging

  • Charge 2 motors or rechargeable Battery packs from 1 solar panel.
  • Refer to Solar Panel Guide for recommended applications.

USB Charger Cable

Efficient Charging

  •  4M 28AWG Copper

Switch Motor Wand

Easy to use

  • No chain.
  • Programmable positions at the touch of a button.
  • Multiple product lengths (24″, 36″, and 48″) suit a variety of installation heights.
  • Available in Black or Grey.


Simple & Easy to use


Vertical End Pulley “B” Track + Covers


Curtain Battery Module [2600 mAh]


Ac 2 conductor right angle field plug 125v – 15a


Magnetic Charger

Simple & Efficient Charging

The Automate Li-ion battery motors are a robust solution for new and retrofit shade applications. The lithium ion battery can hold a charge up to 500 shade cycles, but like every battery device a recharge is required. Charging Automate shades has never been easier with the latest release of the Magnetic Charger. Simply snap the charger in place and pull off when fully charged.

A strong magnetic pull force eliminates the need for a ladder to access the charging port; bringing greater independence to home occupants when a recharge to their Automate shading system is needed. Removal of the magnet is a simple pull to disconnect. The attached motor pole is discreetly hidden and out-of-site when charging is idle preserving the finished aesthetic of the window shade.


Technical Specifications for Magnetic Cube

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Magnetic Charger
Color/Colour White
Description AUTOMATE | Magnetic Cube Connector for 12V Motor
Product Part Number MT03-0304-069012
Specs 10mm Magnet - 2 inch Cable - JST ST 2.54 Connector
Weight 0.5 oz

Technical Specifications for Cable Extension

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Magnetic Charger
Color/Colour White
Description AUTOMATE | Magnetic Cable Extension 20" for 12V motor
Product Part Number MT03-0304-069013
Specs 10mm Magnet - 25 Inch Cable - JST ST 2.54 Connector
Weight 0.5 oz