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Unlike other shades, roman shades offer softness and texture yet flexibility when it comes to privacy and light control. With blackout fabric, roman shades can provide complete darkness and great insulation  excellent for reducing energy costs yet difficult to rise with the morning light. This is where Automate™ motorization can take control.

Our Automate Pulse 2 hub can help wake you with natural light by detecting sunrise in your time zone to open your smart shades.

Alternatively, utilize the Automate Pulse 2 app to establish a scene that will guide your shades to suit your routine. Or simply, set a timer to have complete control over the exact time you would like your shades to open in the morning.

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Low Voltage Motors

Economical installation

  • Connected to power, no need to re-charge
  • Simplified wiring structure means efficient install
  • Utilize optional distribution panel for multiple motor set-up

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