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Achieve effortless control of your Automate™ smart window coverings and seamless integration with home automation systems for a feature-rich smart home solution. Easily control your Automate smarter shades in conjunction with your home’s other smart devices including; lights, security, thermostats and home entertainment – to name a few. Automate easily and reliably integrates with most, major third-party home automation systems to deliver centralized control of your motorized shades from within each system.

Integrator Utility tool

Pulse 2 LinQ

The Automate Pulse 2 tool has been designed to help integrators & installers validate and troubleshoot their Automate Pulse 2 installations before integrating into 3rd party systems. Pulse 2 supports communication via Ethernet Cable (CAT 5) and 2.4GHz Wireless Communication to aid in integrations.

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Smart Control Hub

Automate Pulse 2

The Automate Pulse 2 Hub is the foundation of your Automate smart shade motorization system.

Alongside the Automate Pulse 2 App, the Pulse 2 Hub enables control and automation of all ARC (Automate Radio Communication) enabled products.

Once you have installed the Pulse 2 Hub, download the Automate Pulse 2 App available for iOS and Android, and set up an account. Experience shade control straight from your smart device or customize your set-up with integrated third party systems.

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