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PRODUCT CHANGE | Pulse 2 with Ethernet Provisioning

20th April 2023 MT02‐0401‐067001

Product Changes

We have upgraded our Pulse 2 Hub to allow the set‐up of the hub to occur over an ethernet connection. Previously, that set up had to be done over wi‐fi.

Dual band routers & mesh networks can make it difficult for the hub to identify the correct frequency to connect to which can disrupt the set‐up process. This upgrade provides a solution that by allowing users to connect the hub directly into their router via an ethernet cable, making it easy for the hub to establish the connection with users network.

Once the hub is provisioned onto the user’s network, the ethernet cable can be unplugged and the hub will connect to the wi‐fi network automatically (Please note: a 2.4ghz Wi‐Fi signal is still required). This will allow the user to position the hub closer to their blinds if required.

Mandatory, minimum requirements:

1. The hub must be running firmware version 1.9
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2. The user must be using Pulse2 App version 3.1 or later (automatic update April 18th 2023)
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