Effortless Comfort

Smarter controls for climate and light management

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By taking advantage of automation, your Automate® roller shades can operate based on changes in the weather and natural light to help provide a comfortable interior and ultimately improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Make your Automate shades work for you by creating scenes in the Automate app that adjust through the seasons; maximising or minimising the amount of natural light filtered into your home.

If using battery motors to power your smart shades, boost the convenience and efficiency of your system by adding an Automate Solar Panel. The solar panel absorbs sunlight to power your shades, so you may never have to worry about manually charging your motors.

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Battery Powered Motors

Wire-free & rechargeable

  • Lithium-ion battery powered
  • No electrical wiring required
  • Utilise optional solar panel to maintain battery charge

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Lion 1.1,2,3,10 (High Res)

Low Voltage (DC 12V) Motors

Economical installation

  • Connected to power, no need to recharge
  • Standard electrician not required for installation, due to low voltage.
  • Utilise optional distribution panel for multiple motor set-up

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DC1.1,DC2 (High res)

AC 240V Motors

Permanent power supply

  • Powerful motor
  • Cost-effective solution for new construction or remodels
  • Connected to power, no need to recharge

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A6 Motor (High Res)