Convenient Operation

Smart shades that reduce your effort

Outdoor Shades

Automate® motors offer a reduction in time and effort normally required for the operation of outdoor shades. Using a crank gear to open and close your outdoor shades is a traditional control that requires significant physical effort, whereas motorising your outdoor shades can remove the effort and give you back the valuable time to enjoy your outdoor space.

Unique to Automate, the FT Series of motors combined with the Automate Push5 remote control and Rollease Acmeda’s locking devices enables you to create a smart and sophisticated Zipscreen outdoor shading system. Simply activate the sequence with your Push5 remote, to close and lock the shade while tensioning the fabric.

Outdoor Shades

ac 240v Motors

Permanent power supply

  • Connected to power, no need to recharge
  • Three modes: E for standard use, Manual FT for use with conventional locking devices and Auto FT for use with Rollease Acmeda’s Ultra-Lock, providing automatic fabric tensioning.
  • Features impact detection technology. Senses an object in shades path and reverts to a safe position.

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FT15, X50 (high res)

Battery powered

External Battery Motor

  • Experience the convenience of motorised shades in places where traditional power sources are unavailable.
  • Features our popular FT15 Motor functionalities, including impact detection and fabric tensioning.
  • Charging made easy, with portable, hot-swap or in-place charging options available.

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Outdoor motorised shades - External Battery Motor and Battery Pack