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Battery powered

External Battery Motor

The Automate DC FT15 External Motor & Battery pack provides the convenience of motorised shades to places where traditional power sources are unavailable.

The battery pack features an externally mounted design making charging simple and easy, while the motor boasts features of our popular FT15 Motor, including impact detection and fabric tensioning.

Outdoor motorised shades - External Battery Motor and Battery Pack


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No Electrician

Plug-and-play, the battery pack is externally mounted, simply connect to the motor and start using the shade.

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Easy Charging

Charging made easy, with portable, hot-swap or in-place charging options available.

Battery Powered

Simplified Set-Up

Whether using a remote control or app for shade set-up, Automate programming instructions are streamlined to have your shades moving as quickly as possible.

Battery Powered

Precise Limit Adjustment

Incremental steps during limit setting allows for precise positioning of the shade.

Battery Powered

Impact Detection

If an object happens to be under the shade, this motor will detect the obstacle and revert the shade to the open position in order to protect the shade.

Battery Powered

Favourite Positioning

Add a programmable shade position in addition to the upper and lower limits that can be defined as your favourite.

Technical Specifications

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Code MT01-1245-069001
Current 4.1 A
Insulation Class A
IP Rating IP44
Limit Switch Type Electronic
Power 50 W
Radio Frequency 433.92 MHz
RF Modulation FSK
Speed 10 RPM
Temp Working Range 50°F to 131°F (-10°C to 55°C)
Torque 15 Nm
Voltage 12V-DC


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