Welcome to Smarter Shades

Over 40 years of innovation and design has led to the creation of Automate, a brand focused on revolutionising the way we interact with window coverings. Since 1980, our parent company, Rollease Acmeda, has strived to create advanced hardware, machinery, and specialised fabrics. Decades of R&D later and we are ready to introduce the future of smart shade technology.

From the beginning we have focused on being at the forefront of design, development and distribution within the window furnishing industry. Our mission has been unchanged through evolving times, as we continue to deliver quality hardware and technology.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, including our Melbourne-based headquarters. Housing a dedicated space for designing, testing, and manufacturing new products, our Innovation and Design Centre leverages the knowledge and experience of over 25 engineers, designers and technicians. We are committed to conceptualising, developing, and testing new technologies, as well as software and design.

All Automate products are engrained with our rich history of precision engineering, versatility, and ingenuity. We are devoted to delivering nothing shy of the very best in motorisation, for both commercial buildings and residential homes. Comprised of battery powered, low and line voltage motors, our automation range is tailored to suit shade applications of all forms.

Automate shades, controllers and accessories are user-centric, and crafted for modern-living. Our distinct designs embrace elements of architecture in their form, ensuring each product adapts perfectly into your home and your routine. The Automate Pulse 2 perfectly encapsulates this mantra and marks a new chapter of innovation. Carefully created to convenience the user, the Pulse 2 offers an easy-to-use app, automation features and the latest in smart integrations.

Designed with intent, our family of motors and devices are being internationally recognised as a new standard for smart living and even smarter shades.

Smarter Design. Smarter Integrations. Smarter Shades – Always ask for Automate.