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Automate black versa motor render - motorised curtains

A great deal can be achieved when motorising curtains in lofty, open plan living areas with Automate® motors. Automate technology allows for motorised curtains of up to 11 meters wide, curtains that can wrap around corners and slow down upon closure, to perfect an elegant aesthetic for your interior space.

Also, if you are closer to your curtain than your remote control or smart phone, the Automate Versa motor offers the added benefit of manual activation. This function allows you to gently pull on the drapes and the motor will complete the action – automatically moving the drapes to open or close.

Automate black versa motor render - motorised curtains

Battery & AC powered Motor

Versatile power options

  • No electrical wiring required
  • Micro USB port for charging with a universal cable
  • Utilize optional solar panel to maintain battery charge

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