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Simplify with Style and Safety

Embrace the elegance of motorisation with Automate Basics and easily upgrade from manual to motorised blinds. Bringing sophistication and child safety to your home at an accessible price point, the Automate Basics range represents a user-friendly system for simple, smart shade control.

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Redefine Your Space with Basics Wand Motor


Discover the ease and simplicity of the Automate Basics Wand Motor, which features essential up, down, and stop functions for effortless shade adjustment. This cordless, child-safe system provides a seamless upgrade from manual chain operation to convenient automation, offering an accessible and affordable motorised shade solution.

Controlled using a removable Magnetic Wand, which also conveniently doubles as a charging point via a USB-C port. Featuring the patented Zero motor head, typically found in the premium Automate collection, the Basics Wand Motor boasts a slim head design, ensuring minimal light-gap and easy retrofitting without the need for shade replacement. Also offering advanced features like speed adjustment, battery check, and favourite positioning.


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Simple and intuitive operation for your everyday needs.


A cordless operating solution, safe for children and pets offering essential motorised controls.


Embrace the convenience of motorisation without the price tag.