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Low Voltage Motors

Automate DC Zero Series

The low voltage DC Zero boasts extra quiet technology and can achieve the narrowest shade widths. You can choose from three different power charging solutions to keep your motors running continuously. Our charging accessories include a powering cable, external battery pack, or a DC distribution box that can charge up to 18 motors. 

DC Zero motors - motorised blinds


Continuous power
Continuous Power

Choose from three power solutions; a powering cable, an external battery pack, or a DC distribution box that can power up to 18 motors.

Innovative motor cap
Innovative Motor Cap

Optional, custom-designed accessory for no visible wires.

Elegant soft stop
Elegant Soft Stop

Slows the motor down for a smooth stop to prevent damage to the shade, and preserves the life of the battery.

Simplified retro-fit
Simplified Retrofit

Upgrade manual or motorized shade systems seamlessly to maintain existing deductions, achieve minimal light gap, and eliminate bracket adjustments.

Ultra quiet
Ultra Quiet

Variable speed and soft stop function makes this the quietest Automate motor yet.

Narrow shade widths
Narrow Shade Widths

Shades can be made at a minimum width of 432mm and powered using an external battery pack for door shading applications.

Patented motor head design
Patented Motor Head Design

Offers the smallest light-gap and antenna cable can be concealed within the motor head.

Battery check action
Battery Check Action

When connected to a battery and a Push5 remote, motor will move shade to indicate battery remaining.


Push5 Remote

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Paradigm Wall Switch

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Surface Mount Wall Switch

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Pulse 2 App

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DC Power Distribution Panel

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DC Power Supply

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Rechargeable Battery Pack

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ARC Repeater

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Technical Specification

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12V DC Zero EQ1.1 12V DC Zero EQ2.0
Amps 10 W 13W
Insulation Class III III
IP Rating IP20 IP44
Limit Switch Type Electronic Electronic
Max Run Time 6 min. 10 min.
Radio Frequency 433.92 MHz 433.92 MHz
RF Modulation FSK FSK
Sound Level ~36 dB ~31 dB
Speed 20 RPM (Adjustable to 24 or 28) 20 RPM (Adjustable to 24 or 20)
Temp Working Range 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C) 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C
Torque 1.1Nm 2Nm
Voltage 12V-DC 12V DC