Android app updates

Version 318.1 | 17th May 2024

In this update you will find the following changes and improvements:

  • Android Library updates.
  • Stability improvement for S23 ultra and OS14

BUILD 318 | 9TH APRIL 2024

In this update you will find the following changes and improvements:

  • Demo Mode: Explore the app’s functionalities without purchasing a Hub and shades. This mode also includes hints and guides, offering a comprehensive preview of the app’s capabilities.
  • Contact Support details Native in App.
  • What’s New Within App, Instead of redirecting users to a webpage
  • Update Device Icon Addresses a specific issue where awning motors displayed incorrect device icons. Users can now update the device icon post-pairing.
  • Sign-in Via Socials will come coming soon.

Other minor Improvements resolved:

  • Manage Timer Bug
  • Manage Room Tile Alignment
  • Manage Rooms UI feedback
  • Shade Tile Info Missing in some cases
  • Fix crash – Timer (long press)
  • Improve UX to edit Scene names
  • Improve Slider on Scene Screen

BUILD 317 | 19 feb 2024

This update includes:
Enhanced In-App Support Experience:

  • Introducing our AI Support Assistant, your go-to for all app-related inquiries.
  • Comprehensive tech support, contact options, and an extensive knowledge base at your fingertips.
  • Region-specific improvements, including automatic time zone selection during Hub pairing. (Canada, Brazil and New Zealand)
  • Google analytics improvements
  • Corrections to minor text inaccuracies for a smoother user experience.
  • New feature: Synchronize timers affected by the 1.9.0 firmware update, enhancing functionality and reliability.
  • Added Hub Recall alert in French

BUILD 316.1 | 21st NOV 2023

This update includes:

  • Implemented a feature allowing users to choose their device type, enhancing the accuracy of the displayed battery percentage.
  • Further enhancements have been made in the representation of battery percentage within the Shade Health screen.
  • Introduced an animation effect for when a user opens or closes a shade in the Manage Device Screen.

BUILD 316 | 6TH NOV 2023

This update includes:

  • Battery Level Upgrades: Significantly improved, battery management, so you are informed before your devices run low.
  • Tap on Battery or Power icon to display your Power percentage.
  • Minor adjustment in Scene slider
  • Updated GIF during Hub Pairing
  • Hub Tile will only show the Serial number for: Easier device and room additions.
  • For Android Device with Back Button Exit: Pressing back on the home screen now closes the app.
  • For Dark Mode now resolve Issue during Hub pairing text that was not correct

More updates coming soon!


BUILD 3.1.5 | 17TH Oct 2023

This update includes:

  • Updated ‘Manage Device’ Screen: Improved the experience of how to manually open and close a shade.
  • Incorrect Password on Android: If a user enters the wrong password due to a typo, the pairing process won’t fail. Instead, the user will be prompted to try again.
  • App Insights with Google Firebase: We have integrated app analytics, to allow us to improve the app in future releases
  • Tab Switching: We’ve improved the tab-switching experience.
  • Shared Hub Improvements: If you’re accessing a hub shared by someone else and attempting an unauthorised action, you’ll receive an in-app alert.
  • Auto Time-Zone Set: During the app setup, the time zone is now automatically determined.
  • Bottom Navigation Bar: We’ve enlarged it to ensure elements aren’t cramped
  • Shade Health % Text: We’ve rectified an issue where, depending on the native text size of your phone, you might not see more than three numbers. Now, the full text is visible.
  • Customized Time Picker: Custom time picker when selecting Time for timers.
  • Miscellaneous Updates: We’ve addressed several minor issues and updated the native libraries used.


BUILD 3.1.3 | 3rd Sep 2023

This update includes:

  • Minor improvement logic for Pop-Up

BUILD 3.1.2 | 27th Aug 2023

This update includes:

  • Refreshed Google Home integration link,
  • Addressed a keyboard issue during timer creation.

BUILD 3.1.1 | 24TH APRIL 2023

This update includes:

  • Updates to text on the Hub pairing flow

BUILD 3.1.0 | 18TH APRIL 2023

This update includes:

  • Users can now pair the Hub with an Ethernet cable and select Wi-Fi Backup during pairing. 
  • We have updated the Hub Pairing screens to allow users to access app settings via the app. 
  • If Hub pairing fails, users can now choose to pair via Ethernet or check the settings button. 
  • New pairing images have been added for Outdoor, Awning, Venetian, Roman, and Curtain device types. 
  • Tile positions in editing mode are now saved when the user exits the screen. 

We have also resolved the following issues: 

  • Timezone setting issues during Hub Pairing have been resolved. 
  • Hub pairing with some mesh routers has been fixed. 
  • UI updates have been made to fix text and formatting on several pages. 

BUILD 3.0.6 | 30TH MARCH 2023

This update includes:

  • Resolve a timer edit issue that may occur for some users.
  • For timers use AM/PM time Picker instead of a 24-hour time
  • Long press function for Timers; Create custom timers for showrooms

BUILD 3.0.4 | 20TH DECEMBER 2022

This update includes:

  • Fixed an issue when pairing a new Hub.
  • Removed On/off text on Pause / resume all timers button.

BUILD 3.0.3 | 8TH DECEMBER 2022

This update includes:

  • Redesign Timers tile layout.
  • Remove switches on timers and activate timers by pressing timer tiles.
  • Updated the “What’s New” link on the sidebar.
  • Reformat tile size and layout.
  • Other minor improvements.

BUILD 3.0.2 | 2ND DECEMBER 2022

This update includes:

  • Improve tiles press and scroll and touch behaviour without accidental tiles presses
  • Resolve error on Android shared hub
  • Improve incompatible WiFi indicator during add Hub
  • Resolve Tablet issues for landscape view
  • Improve performance on the scene setup
  • Other minor bug fixes

BUILD 3.0.1 | 16TH NOVEMBER 2022

Updates include:

  • Resolved an issue when creating new Timers.
  • Resolved an issue for editing Timer days.
  • Resolved Error message when changing locations in some scenarios.
  • Fixed an Error when deleting Hubs or Locations in some scenarios.
  • Improve the Shade position Slider Bar when creating Scenes.
  • Few other small fixes.


Build 3.0 | 9th november 2022

In this update to the Pulse 2 app, we have re-designed the App to easily operate or personalise the daily routine of your shades with the introduction of quick access “Tiles”

Operation of Tiles

Simply tap the tile, and the shade will move;

  • If the shade is closed and the tile is grey, one tap will open it. If the shade is open and the tile is white and one tap, it will close. If the shade is not moving in the intended direction, touching the tile again will activate shade movement in the opposite direction.
  • If the shade is slightly open, the “smart prediction” will be activated, meaning with one simple tap of the tile, the shade will open or close based on the time of the day.
  • A long press on the tiles will open a secondary function for that tile.
  • Tiles feature haptic feedback, so you know with a slight vibration if you have opened or closed the shade.


Bi-directional feedback

  • White tiles indicate the shade is open or partially open and a grey tile indicates the tile is closed.


Shade Health

  • We have also introduced shade health which lets you see all the shades on one screen, displaying signal strength and battery percentage.
  • Shade tiles anywhere through the app also include a health status indicator, red meaning the battery is below 30% or the signal strength is poor, and green signifying all is ok.

Scenes Timers and Rooms

  • Every screen has been redesigned with a fresh new look, including a new way to do everything that is so intuitive you have to try it.

Experience the updated Pulse 2 app now

Build 2.5 | 10th March 2020

  • Three Dedicated Help sections for Shade offline Hub Offline and Hub pairing assistance
  • Show Password option when pairing the hub
  • Dynamic help pop-up for specific issues that relate to your system.
  • Pair shade immediately after pairing a Hub.
  • After pairing a Shade the device screen will open for that device so you can test it.
  • Shade Signal Strength is now in 4 levels with colour-coded text rather than icons.
  • New Battery icons with 4 Battery levels instead of 3.
  • Move hubs from one location to another.
  • Device Screen update; Shade size is now more proportional to your screen.
  • Updated the Control button location, so they easier to operate.
  • Updated some still Shade pairing images with animations.
  • Minor changes to headers and labels throughout the app.
  • Sunrise /sunset offset timers now support hours.

Build 2.1 (5) | 28 September 2020


  • Resolve issue with tilt only devices
  • Minor stability fixes

Build 2.0 (13) | 13 August 2020


  • Updated offline status indicator
  • Offline Shade Improvement
  • Hub pairing steps optimized
  • Shade battery percentage value in edit screen
  • Shared hub functionality improved
  • Drape buttons modified

General stability and app improvements;

  • New power indication icons for AC, DC, and battery shades

New Features;

  • Quick start
  • Pause timers functionality
  • Capture current shade positions during scene creation
  • Customize location image
  • Shade signal strength indication

Build 1.8 (6) | 12 May 2020

Improvements in this release version include:

  • App Login support to minimize unwanted logouts
  • Added prompts during the hub pairing process, to make pairing your hub even easier
  • Adjusted home image position to be more consistent across all devices
  • Further stability improvements.

BuilD 1.7 (6) | 27 February 2020


  • Shade limit raised to 30 per Hub
  • Timer limit increased to 20 per Hub
  • Scene limit increased to 20 per Hub
  • Stop button added on Device Screen
  • Italian and Dutch languages added

Improvements in this release version include:

  • New Zealand Time zone / Daylight savings bug fix
  • Shade animation improvement
  • Scenes & Timers will operate over multiple Hubs
  • Improved Group Control
  • Scenes & Timers sorted Alphabetically & Grouped by Hub
  • Larger Control Buttons
  • Grid layout improvements
  • Minor stability fixes.

Build 1.6 | 4 November 2019

Improvements in this release version include:

  • Minor stability fixes.

Build 1.5 | 21 October 2019

  • App Launch