Pulse 2 Hub Firmware Updates

This article includes important details of each Pulse 2 Hub firmware version along with its date of release. See updates to the current firmware version. If you are experiencing issues, please contact your local Technical Support Team.

v1.9.0 (7-MAR-23)

the latest update includes,

  • Ethernet Provisioning with Wi-Fi Backup
  • Resolve the Issue with hub persisting broadcasting when paired on Android
  • New Hub Connection Status Ethernet or Wifi connection

v1.8.0 (24-Jan-23)

In the latest update,

  • We have allowed for new device types in the future
  • Ethernet Provisioning ready (only for when we have Ethernet pairing capability in the app)
  • Other HomeKit improvements and stability improvements

v1.5.0 (25-July-22)

In the latest update, we resolve some issues where Hubs go offline and also may lose shades during an on/off power Cycle.

  • Remove 3 am Local time Hub Reboot.
  • New Safe Reboot and power up / power down Logic.
  • Shade Data backup in event of critical error.

V1.4.0 (13-Oct-21)

  • New Mongoose Timer Library
  • HomeKit Improvements – TCP connections raised to 16 instead of 12 the max allowed of 16
  • Ram Memory Optimization
  • Implement 3 am Local time Hub Reboot
  • Improved reconnection for Mesh Router regarding DHCP lease time reconnection