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Automate App Updates – Version 2.0

11th March 2021

Introducing the following new features:

Scene Capture

Do you have all your shades in the perfect positions and wonder how to capture this scene quickly?  The new ‘capture a scene’ function allows for all shades, just as you have them, to be recorded as a new scene which you can then use as part of your daily routine.

School holidays kicked in? Or just something other than your standard routine? Pause all your pre-set daily timers with one easy action, so your morning routine allows for that extra sleep in when you need it.

Each shade screen now features battery and signal strength icons, represented by red, amber, or green colouring to signify excellent strength/ full battery vs low strength/charge required.

You can now update your home screen to feature a personalised image of your choice. For users of one App that could be an image of the family, or those with multiple apps can choose to differentiate with photos of the holiday home or office.