Voice Assistants Google Assistant

Make life that little bit easier with AutomateĀ® smart shades and Google home assistance devices. Set up the Automate Pulse 2 Hub and App and establish a connection with the Google Home app. Then you are on your way to controlling your motorised shades with simple voice commands using the Google Assistant.


Natural Interaction

Provided you have rooms set up and the Google Home device that hears you is assigned to the same room, any general command to control your Automate shades - "raise the shades", "open the shades", will only apply to that room.

Multiple Platforms

Prefer using Apple devices - iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch? That's not a problem. Using the Google Assistant to control your Automate smart shades is not limited to Android devices, the Google Home app can be installed on Apple smart devices.


Google Assistant

Direct with Percentage

Specify an exact point where you would like your shade to sit zero percent for open and one hundred percent for closed. Tell Google Assistant to set your shades anywhere in-between.

Google Assistant

Plain Language

Start with “Ok, Google” and follow up with phrases such as: open, close or close halfway. Your Automate shades will respond to straightforward commands via Google Assistant.

Google Assistant

Consolidated Control

Automate provides you with the products to power your shades but the Google Home app makes it easy to set up and control a number of your smart devices, all from one place.

Google Home Set Up

Getting started

It’s a simple process to begin using the Google Assistant and voice control to operate your Automate smart shades.

Once you have your Automate Pulse 2 Hub along with the Automate Pulse 2 App and account, connected and working with your Automate shades, open the Google Home app on your preferred smart device. Follow the steps within the Google Home app to connect with your Automate Pulse 2. Google Home will automatically recognise the smart shades established in the Automate Pulse 2 App, although you can further modify your shade set-up within the Google Home app for customised shade control with your voice.

Refer to the Downloads section below to access the Pulse 2 Set-Up Guide for Google Home, if you require step-by-step instructions.