Discontinued Product Notice | Automate Versa AC Module

2nd July 2021 MT03-0305-069005 & MT03-0305-069006

To Our Valued Customer,

Unfortunately, Rollease Acmeda can no longer support the Automate Versa AC Module due to a labeling issue with the product and has discontinued the impacted SKUs effective immediately. All sales orders will be blocked, and any open orders will be canceled.

Please see the list of items discontinued below:

Part Number  Description
MT03-0305-069005 AUTOMATE | VERSA AC MODULE 10′ CORD + PLUG [110V]
MT03-0305-069006 AUTOMATE | VERSA AC MODULE 20′ CORD [110V]

While our product development teams are working on a replacement AC Module for the Versa motor, an alternative power source solution for the Versa drapery motor is the Automate Versa Battery Module (Part Number: MT03-0305-069004). The Automate Drapery Motor (Part Number: MTACRFDR-50KG) is another AC line voltage solution providing continuous power to motorize drapes up to 39 feet in size and fabric weighing over 110 pounds.

For any further assistance or clarification, please contact your Customer Service Representative or Regional Sales Manager at sales@rolleaseacmeda.com or call +1 800-552-5100.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please click here to download our Official Notice.