Low Voltage Motors

Automate CL Series

This series of continuously powered motors has been designed with a simplified wiring structure, enabling efficient installation of roman shading systems by qualified installers. Shades can be made up to 4 x 4 meters. The Automateā„¢ CL Series is directly compatible with roman shading systems but can also be adapted for cellular shades.

Low Voltage


Low Voltage

Bidirectional Communication

Automate Radio Communication utilises two-way communication to provide up-to-date feedback on battery levels and shade positioning via the Automate Pulse 2 app.

Low Voltage

Interchangeable Power Source

Choose to have your shades hard wired for continuous power or opt for a wire-free setup choose from a rechargeable battery pack or a tube that holds AA batteries.

Low Voltage

Simplified Setup

Whether using a remote control or app for shade setup, Automate programming instructions are streamlined to have your shades moving as quickly as possible.

Low Voltage

Favourite Positioning

Add a programmable shade position in addition to the upper and lower limits that can be defined as your favourite.

Low Voltage

Precise Limit Adjustment

Incremental steps during limit setting allows for precise positioning of the shade.

Technical Specifications

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