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Pulse 2 Hub

The Automateā„¢ Pulse 2 Hub is the foundation of your Automate smart shade motorization system.

Alongside the Automate Pulse 2 App, the Pulse 2 Hub enables operation and automation of all ARC (Automate Radio Communication) enabled motors so that you can experience convenient shade control straight from your smart device.

Pulse 2 Hub seamlessly integrates with a variety of smart home platforms and home automation systems so that you can take full advantage of customized automation and voice-activation when operating your Automate smart shades.

Smart Control

Pulse 2 App

The latest Pulse 2 app works on any smart phone or tablet device to provide effortless control of Automate motorized shades, whether you are home or away. Easily personalize the daily routine of shades; organizing them by room, grouping them by scenes and automating them with timers. With over 70 unique icons, customize your shades to suit your individual lifestyle and home.


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Multiple Integrations

Pulse 2 Hub works with a number of smart home systems and platforms to give you greater flexibility in controlling your motorized shades in conjunction with your other smart home devices, such as: locks, lighting, thermostats and entertainment systems – to name a few. Find out more about…

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Pulse2 Linq

An application tool, designed for shade installers and integrators, assisting to set up and test an Automate Pulse 2 hub and motors system prior to connecting with your preferred third-party home automation solution.

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Voice Control

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By working with a variety of third-party smart home systems and platforms, the Pulse 2 Hub gives you more choice. There are a number of integrations for voice-activated control of your motorized shades so you can choose the best device to suit your needs.

Voice Assistants

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environmental benefits

Dynamic sunrise/sunset function

motorised blinds- automate pulse 2 app - dynamic sunrise_sunset function

Set up routines to control your smart shades at sunrise and sunset and Pulse 2 Hub will synchronize with your time zone, dynamically shifting the movement of your shades around your local daylight hours.
Waking up with natural daylight enhances our sleep/wake cycle and eliminates alarm devices, offering a more natural way to live. Your body will dictate when it’s time to start the day and in turn ensure a goods nights sleep.
Using daylight also aids to reduce energy consumption; keep your lights switched off and control how much light enters your home all year round to maintain optimal temperature control.


motorised blinds- automate pulse 2 app - dynamic sunrise_sunset function


Pulse 2 Hub

Bidirectional Communication

Automate Radio Communication utilises two-way communication to provide up-to-date feedback on battery levels and shade positioning via the Automate Pulse 2 app.

Pulse 2 Hub

Unparalleled Convenience

Maximize the convenience of smarter shades. Up to five Pulse 2 Hubs can be allocated to any location and up to 30 motors per hub, letting you control up to 150 different smart shades in the one home.

Pulse 2 Hub

Choice of Connection

Whether you require the speed of a wired Ethernet connection or the convenience and flexibility of Wi-Fi, the Pulse 2 Hub offers both so you can reliably connect to your home’s network.

Pulse 2 Hub


Designed in California, the Pulse 2 Hub features clean lines and embraces elements from contemporary architecture to ensure it complements the interior of any modern home.

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