Experience the ease of smarter shades

Discover how Automate™ completely transforms the way you interact with your home’s interior and exterior shades.

Take the effort out of manually opening and closing each window covering in your home, save time and move them with a remote control or your voice. Or, utilise your smart devices to remotely or automatically operate your shades in response to the time of day, the activities within your home, or even changes in the weather.


Safe, sophisticated, smart shades

Automate™’s battery-powered, re-chargeable smart shade motors offer the latest technology without compromising on quality. Depending on your existing chain mechanism, the latest Zero Li-ion motors retrofit onto your existing shades, so no need to change your hardware or your fabric, to easily upgrade to motorization.

Motorized roller shades are one of the safest options for interior shades as they eliminate the need for chain-controlled operation.

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Reduce energy use and expenses

Automate™ motorized shades are sustainable by design, controlling light and optimizing heat to preserve energy and improve your indoor environment for greater comfort, efficiency and productivity.

Relax knowing your Automate shades look after you by connecting with your other smart home devices to seamlessly move throughout the day according to scheduling and environmental triggers.

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Battery-Powered, Rechargeable Motors

Cutting-edge battery technology

The market-leading rechargeable motors from Automate include built-in lithium-ion batteries and do not require wired power or space for external battery packs.

Automate battery-powered motors are a perfect option for existing households wishing to upgrade to motorized shades.

Voice Control

Hey Siri…Close the shades

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Automate integrates intuitively with your preferred smart devices and control systems so your smart shades will respond to your spoken instructions.

Use Siri, Alexa or Google, to your advantage and experience the most natural form of shade control straight from your phone, smart watch, tablet or smart speakers.

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Automate Pulse App

Peace of mind from afar

motorised roller shades- automate pules app peace of mind from afar

Automate™ smart shades can be checked, configured and controlled remotely to maintain your privacy and the security of your home.

Establish routines with your smart devices to automatically operate your Automate shades, so your home looks occupied even when you’re not there.

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motorised roller shades- automate pules app peace of mind from afar

AUTOMATE Push Remote

Feel in control

A fusion of style, functionality and familiarity.

Our sleek and tactile Push remote features a physical button layout for the ideal user experience when operating your motorized shades with a remote control.

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