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Alexa, set living room to 80%

Amazon Alexa and Automateā„¢ smart shades team together to give you full control of your motorized shades with your voice. After setting up your Automate Pulse 2 Hub and App, access the Automate Shades V2 skill in the Amazon Alexa app add begin customizing your smart shades to suit your lifestyle.


Custom Commands

Not satisfied with telling Alexa to turn your shades on and off? Create routines in the Amazon Alexa app to customize control of your shades using alternative commands, such as: raise, lower, open or close.

Group Smart Devices

Help create a comfortable home environment with voice-activated, temperature and light control by using the Amazon Alexa app to co-ordinate the actions of your motorized shades with your smart lights and smart thermostats.


Amazon Alexa

Control Like a Light

Alexa treats shades like switches, so it’s easy to think of controlling them like lights. To raise your shades, say Alexa, turn on… and Alexa, turn off… to lower.

Amazon Alexa

Scene Control

Streamline control of scenes created in your Automate Pulse 2 App. Give your scene a logical name, for example: Good Morning. Alexa will recognize this scene when you activate it with your voice.

Amazon Alexa

Direct with Percentage

Specify an exact point where you would like your shade to sit zero percent for open and one hundred percent for closed. Tell Alexa to set your shades anywhere in-between.

Amazon Alexa Set Up

Getting started

Amazon Alexa works with the Automate Pulse 2 Hub to help you take control of your shades with your voice.

All you need is a Automate Pulse Hub 2 that’s already connected with the Automate Pulse 2 App and working Automate shades, along with the Amazon Alexa app and account. Proceed with adding the Automate Shades V2 Skill to the Amazon Alexa app for precision control of individual or groups of shades with your voice.

If you require step-by-step instructions, download the Automate Shades Set-Up Guide for Amazon Alexa below, as well as the Alexa Skills.