Automate Pulse2 App Updates Version 2.5

9th March 2021

The latest version of the Automate App has been refined to ensure a seamless and simplified experience; from the moment you connect to your smart shades.

An Improved Pairing and Set up Sequence has been designed to help you get connected to your smart shades quicker than ever before.

This update also introduces a NEW Dedicated Support Center within the app that allows you to connect with our tech support team to obtain valuable support insights whenever you need additional help or guidance with your smart shades.

Version 2.5 welcomes an Updated User Interface and User Experience (UI & UX), that ensures important information is easily identifiable, usability is enhanced, and shade control is easier than ever.

Improved Pairing and Set up Sequence.
  • Simplified and failproof pairing for faster install.
    The new and improved pairing experience has been redesigned to help you confidently synchronize your Pulse2 Hub with the Automate App quickly and seamlessly. The step-by-step animation guides users and installers through the app to ensure the Pulse2 establishes a stable connection. The now failproof’ pairing sequence includes helpful pop-ups that assist throughout the process, troubleshooting any confusion or difficulties from one step to the next, with clear helpful animations to visually display each step.
  • Easy and integrated reset
    Any issues that occurred on previous versions of the application can now all be resolved directly through the Automate App. Simply reset the hub within the App, and the Pulse2 will be ready to re-pair, without needing to close the application or open another one, this includes Apple HomeKit.

Dedicated Support Center within the app.
  • Direct Contact Tech Support feature
    Integrated within the app, our new Technical Support Center connects you directly to our support line. Simply click contact support’ in the redesigned help’ section and the app will navigate you to our direct hotline for your region. Our technical support team is on standby to help guide you through any issues or questions you may want resolved.
  • Hub Pairing & Troubleshooting guides
    If you run into any issues or want further information on how to pair your hub, with the Automate App, simply find the Hub Pairing Assistance’ button in the help section of your app. Learn more about what issues may be present with your setup and resolve them in a timely fashion.
  • Shade issues & Troubleshooting/diagnostics 
    To assist you in operating your shades more efficiently or resolving an issue with shade control, this section outlines typical solutions and technical details that can troubleshoot any shade control issues you may be experiencing. Integrated directly in the App, this list of guides and diagnostics are great DIY solution without needing to contact a professional for further assistance.
  • Hub Offline Notifications to prompt user to fix and will provide common issues/solutions
    Pop up notifications will appear to warn you if your hub or motors are offline and guide you to a detailed section to help troubleshoot the issues the hub may be experiencing when failing to connect to a network. The list of common identifiers allows you to better understand and familiarize yourself with what issue your hub may be facing.

Updated User Interface and User Experience (UI & UX)
  • Improved UI: Animated step-by-step pairing processes (previously still images)
    Still images have been replaced with a refreshed and animated sequence. The new UI has been refined to be more user-centric and visually descriptive. Animated images have been introduced to better assist users in both pairing and using their smart shades, while also creating a more dynamic and interactive in-app experience.
  • Improved UX: Dynamic prompts and navigation.
    An improved user journey that eliminates unnecessary navigation throughout the app. The updated application intuitively prompts users with dynamic notifications that can make paring, controlling shades and troubleshooting much more streamlined.
  • Improved shade control screen
    • Better Positioned Shade & Control Buttons: To improve one-handed operation, the size of the traditional shade controls are noticeably larger and have had their on-screen position optimized for easier reach.
    • Adaptive Signal Strength: Easily recognize a shade’s signal strength with the new indicators and colors. Each shade will have an identifier of the signal strength in the top right corner of your screen and will be either; Excellent, Good, Average or Poor
    • Adaptive Battery Indicator: Your shade’s battery health now has four stages of energy indications, designed to better notify you of when shades will need to be recharged. The top left corner of the shade control screen will show one of the following battery icon variants 4 bars (green) 76-100%, 3 Bars (blue) 38%-75%, 2 bars (yellow) 16-37% & 1 bar (red) 0-15%